Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Funny things kids say

Max's school project: Right now I'm just a kid, but when I am 100 . . . .

"I'll own a checkers set, a Chinese checkers set, and 2 chess sets. I'll write letters to all of my old and new friends and I'll read wonderful stories and bake and cook scrumptious food. I will sleep for hours at a time, even during the day!"

Calvin, repeating after his Mommy while saying the prayer:

Mommy " . . . and please bless Grandpa with his retirement . . . "
Calvin "and please bless Grandpa to change his tires . . . "

Sophie as we are loading the car to run errands:

Mommy "Sophie go grab more books; we are going to be in the car a long time today."
Sophie "it's ok Mom, If I read all of my books, I'll just play with my imaginary friends!"
Mommy "Who?"
Sophie "I have a couple of imaginary deer friends. The husband is like the Daddy in Bambi: Prince of the Forrest except my husband deer is more frisky! They run along the side of our car while we drive so I can talk to them!"

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  1. Those kids crack me up. They all have so much personality for such little people. So cute!