Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday Lovin'

As we were tearing out the door Sunday morning - on time for church, but very, very late for choir, I made the kids stop for a quick photo because they all looked so cute. Seconds after these shots, Max knocked Calvin to the ground and he ended up with grass stains all over himself. We also all ate spice sugar cookies in the car on the way to church for breakfast, so none of us looked clean by the time we arrived.

**I can't get this any bigger, but if you click on the image it will enlarge.


  1. cute kids (and pics). i like your new banner. so will "views from your window" be a regular post. it does make me want to sit by your window.

    i've been reading cjane too. she does write beautifully and has great perspective.

  2. I was in my house the other day thinking about views from my own window, but looking out I just couldn't keep my eyes off this huge spider that has been hanging out all summer and even though John thought he'd killed it the other day, he was back a little while later with a whole new web. Yuck! He is big enough to see from the end of the driveway!!!