Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Late Night Field Trip

On the second night of school I had the kids up in the rooms in the pajamas reading while I (also in my jammies) was picking up downstairs - or maybe I was reading too - whatever. Suddenly there comes an ear-piercing scream from upstairs and a few moments later Max comes running downstairs yelling that Calvin has been hurt. Sure enough, Calvin has a bloody nose and a jagged little cut above his lip.

Having several friends in the medical profession, I call Susan and ask her if she thinks I need to take the kid in for stitches. She recommends going to an insta-care to have the cut glued since it is on his face and will likely scar. I admit to debating that thought for a few minutes - it was late, we were all in our pajamas on a school night and just how noticeable would the scar be really? Then, I came to my senses and threw all the kids in the car and headed out to the closest insta-care (7 miles) which was - closed. Actually it closed two minutes before we arrived so I loaded everyone up again and drove to Apple Valley to the next closest insta-care.

We ended up being there until about 9:30 pm. When the doctor asked what had happened, I looked to Max to answer as I was not in the room at the time of the accident. Max says "well, you see, Calvin was sitting on my head . . . "

The doctor glued up Calvin's face (where can I buy me some of that stuff?!) and even washed out his ears when Calvin told him he had a boo-boo in his ear. All of the kids thought that was great fun to look at the disgusting "potato" (nurse's word, not mine) that came out of Calvin's ear.

Lovely, educational field trip on the second day of school. We are off to a good start! And yes, my camera was actually in my purse!! I have taken to carrying it with me for moments such as these.


  1. glad you survived. one time, i had to take grace to get her forhead "glued" at the E.R.. it was when we were in grad school and pat was an hour away as the fall happened in salt lake. i hadn't brought enough formula for jake and he could only eat so much by mouth at that time, so he was hungry and complaining and grace kept losing it after the docs walked in because they cleaned it out when we first got back to the room. lovely memories. but we survived; glad you did too.

  2. Poor Calvin! I'm glad everything ended up alright in the end.
    When I was 2, I jumped off a dresser into the old radiator and cracked my forehead open. Luckily for my mom and I, the hospital was just down the road. I had to get stitches, which I was awake for and still remember! I remember the whole thing, so I'm sure this will be an even that Calvin will remember for a long time. And hopefully nothing like it will happen again. I never had to get stitches again, no broken bones or anything! I learned my lesson.