Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Tag

Tiffany wrote: I was tagged by my friend Cathy, and these were the instructions: "Go to your pictures file and pull the fourth picture from your fourth folder. Post it."

Here is my random photo taken at our home in MN a couple of years ago when my sister Heather and her husband Ross came to visit. Calvin looks like such a baby! Max has not changed a bit.

I tag: Heather (the sister above), Kelly, Mercedes and Leanne (If they actually read this blog!)


  1. I love your blog - love the pix of the kids, cooking, out your window, 'mooning' on the landing (he'll dies of embarrasment when you pull out the photos in a few years! - but soooo cute!), flowers, pix of your house - I could go on and on - love, love, love your blog!!!

    I read it everyday!!!

    Love, Auntie Barb

  2. Thank you!! It's nice to know that someone is reading - sometimes I wonder!