Friday, September 26, 2008

Our very own V.I.P.

Calvin was the VIP at preschool on Thursday. After telling me all about his friend Luke's poster from the week before (Luke does NOT like flowers), our boy was pretty excited to make a poster of his own. Having put it off for several days, Calvin ended up making his poster with his Dad and a stack of Ranger Ricks while I was teaching card class.

This is what Calvin does NOT like: monsters and big blue hairy spiders.

These are his favorite things: chocolate, his family, penguins and a bat hanging upside down with a frog in his mouth (Calvin said "he's a funny guy").

This is where you are supposed to stick a picture of you or draw a picture. Calvin chose the weird yellow thing instead. I added the circle shots so the other preschoolers were not confused.

He was ridiculously proud to show it to his class.

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  1. Awww! That is so cute and sweet! I love it! And to know that I have a nephew who loves penguins!! It must run in the family. It is my understanding that Grams Erickson likes penguins. I didn't even know that until well into my penguin obsession. Send Calvin to my house and he'll be in heaven! I even have two wooden penguins who stand guard on either side of my fireplace. (Christmas only means even more penguins!!!!!)