Monday, September 22, 2008

Some things you should know about Max

Max loves soccer. He is on the same team this year as his buddy Greg. Greg is Natalie and Johnny's older brother. The team is playing on the full field this year with an actual referee. Max is still very much a defensive player, but he is trying to get the whole dribbling/passing concept down.

Max's Mom ordered his shirt about twelve sizes too big this year. Max's Mom gives away all of the soccer shirts after the season ends.

Fact: Max has too many shirts.

Max cannot tie his shoes because him Mom only buys Velcro close shoes. Velcro makes her life 1000 times easier.

Max needs to learn to tie his shoes.

Or, the coach could do it for him.

Max has really looooong hair. He likes it long and throws a fit whenever I take him to get it trimmed. If his hair is not trimmed, he looks like he is sporting a mullet. I assume this is just a phase and really short hair will be in again soon.

Fact: Calvin is really sweet - or maybe he is just perpetually sticky. This is evidenced by the fact that the poor kid gets stung by more bees than anyone I know.

Fact: This is not the bee that stung Calvin, but he did wail that the bee was "black stripe and yellow stripe and it put it's bum on me and stung me!"


  1. Poor Calvin! Greg has been stung twice before he was 5, but I've only been stung once in my life. I think they are a lot meaner than when we were little. John just got stung a few weeks ago standing in the front yard talking to the neighbor. No provocation! I hope Calvin has better luck in the future...

    As for Max and the show tying. We have always refused to buy him velcro so that he would learn to tie his shoes, and it has worked! Now we'll buy him any kind of shoes he wants. It was rough on him for a while though since he would always want velcro shoes.

  2. Obviously I meant shoe tying and no velcro for Greg (not Max)... Sorry for the confusion. That's what happens when you are reading up on your family and putting in your two cents at work! Trying to keep people from finding out that I am slacking!