Monday, September 29, 2008

Lost in Austen

What is THIS and why did I not know about it?! Has anyone seen it? Thoughts?

Mrs. Bennett - ooooh, I love this actress!

Mr Darcy - he's no Colin Firth, but I'd like to see how he plays the role.

Elizabeth - I think she's the new bond girl.


  1. No, I had heard nothing about it, but thanks for bringing it to my attention! You always have such tidbits for the rest of us!

  2. ooh, this does sound fun!! i have not heard of this. i guess i'll have to start watching the episodes. is it a british show?

    (have you seen any of the MI-5 episodes? the first two seasons are on the instant watching on netflix. anyhoo, matthew macfayden who is mr. darcy to keira knightley's elizabeth bennett is the star of the series. i like them epecially him. but it is more of a spy/mystery show - not gory except the first one.)

  3. No! We'll have to add MI-5 to our 300+ long netflicks list! I love Matthew MacFayden.

  4. I just tried this out, and it claims you can only watch it if you live in the UK. Will advise.

  5. I have found some clips on you tube which I assume will be taken down soon - hurry!