Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Views from the Window - Friday

Evidently the ice cream man thinks it is still summer. Friday afternoon, the kids were home from school and enjoying the nice weather outside when we heard little song of the ice cream truck. They all ran from the back year to the front and looked on longingly as other kids brought ice cream. Mind you, they were all eating *spice sugar cookies which had just come out of the oven and somehow they knew not even to ask for money to buy more treats. Still, it did not stop them from looking longingly.

We have some really nice kids in our neighborhood. I caught Sukriti sharing a lick of her ice cream treat with all of my kids (they had shared cookies with her).

I think this may be the last we see of the ice cream man this year.

*I substitute 1/2 butter, 1/2 trans-fat free shortening in this recipe and under cook them slightly.


  1. We have no ice-cream truck in Apple Valley...poor Apple Valley Kids! I LOVE your new blog name and heading. I want to change mine around soon.

  2. I made those cookies and they are delicious! I like them when they're soft like that. A good taste of autumn!