Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What we made on Friday

Today is one of those really busy days. I have 10 kids and 5 of us are headed over to the MOA for Toddler Tuesdays and a visit to Santa. Somehow we have to stop at the library to return a few more books I found and to retrieve the Friend Magazine that one of the kids shoved into the book return slot yesterday. I must, must, must get to the grocery store. Book club is here tonight and I need to clean the house, finish up the book and make a dessert - I'm thinking trifle or a ginger lemon roll. After book club we are making magnets again for those who did not have time to make theirs on Super Saturday. Busy, busy.

I'm thinking of reviving the grateful list out of necessity.

1. I am grateful for friends who sew. Yesterday Marsha helped me finish up the last of the seat cushions for Max's class (please help me learn to say no when asked to volunteer - even when I am filled with guilt). I dropped them off at the school with a huge sigh of relief. Being Marsha, she could not let me leave her house without a load of her homemade wheat bread. Yes please.

2. I am grateful for sweet treats brought back from Hawaii. Lori's chocolate covered macadamia nuts lasted 1.5 days. My kids do not like nuts so I did not have to share.

3. I am grateful for Christmas messages. We had the best Relief Society Christmas program. the speaker talked about the angels that appear in the Christmas story and about angels here on earth. It was uplifting and inspiring and it just felt wonderful to feel the spirit so strongly in a room full of so many women who live their lives in the service of others.

4. I am grateful for advent calenders. We have a little ornaments calender that we have had for years. It tells the nativity story through little books. We read one each night and then it goes on a special little tree in the living room. Max and Sophie try and scheme to get the read the final book on the 24th. I love traditions - they are comforting this time of year.

5. I am grateful for May who sent her boys over yesterday with a pan of warm gooey homemade mac and cheese. My kids love you and there is enough for dinner tonight as well which makes my day a little less crazy - I love you too!

6. I am grateful for the chance of snow. We are expecting 4-10 inches over the next two days. Bring it on!


  1. "One" busy day? You must not read your own blogger sister. Don't say no to volunteering. It gives your girls a chance to hang out and chat while they get to help you. Oh I love Macadamia nuts in chocolate from Hawaii. No sharing for me either. May is one of my besties so I know if she sent a meal, she must really think highly of you and your family. Snow? I like it only on movies and postcards. Glad your back on the air after a busy Thanksgiving.

  2. Isn't Marsha the best?

    I really am disappointed I missed the RS dinner. I have to schedule my time better. Did you get some of my "cajun" chicken? = P

    Thank you and your welcome. I am hoping the mac'n'cheese will make up for the rock hard baked goods our home plans to give to everyone this Christmas. My apologies in advance.

    Ah yes the snow. It held out until now. The kids will love it, but then again they don't have to drive in it.