Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

The phone rang this morning at 5:50am shocking me out of much needed sleep. I had left the handset downstairs and thus had to leap from my bed and tear down the stairs in my skivvies to answer the phone. It was a recording from the superintendent. School was canceled.

What?! This is not some pansy Southern state where an inch or two of snow is cause for frenzied panic and city-wide shut downs. This is Minnesota! We are hearty, we are winter-ready, we laugh at less than a foot of snow we . . . oh, never mind - my kids were thrilled! I could not get back to sleep, but the kids slept in, tucked in their warm beds oblivious to the whipping winds that had caused school to be closed today. Calvin woke some time later and turned to me "Mama?" Yes sweetie? "Is it Christmas?" Not yet pumpkin.

Snow days look like this:

Big kids home all day - legos everywhere. Lots of noise, lots of movement.

Little guys scheming over which movies they are going to watch. Right now there are 8 of them munching on popcorn and watching Elf. I love Elf.

Sophie got on the phone to arrange a playmate - too many boys around here. She has two little friends from school over right now.

This guy is forcing me to slow down today. He is not feeling well and thus wants to be held at all times. He is a really good natured baby normally, but when he is sick . . . he is very high maintenance. I managed to cut all of my felted sweaters this morning before he arrived and have accomplished little since. I made sugar cookie dough only to realize I have no more powdered sugar to make icing. We will be hitting the store tonight. I wonder is scouts will be canceled.

Totally unrelated . . . how cute is his hair poking out of his helmet?!

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  1. Sophie looks way too grown up in that picture of her on the phone. Too cute!