Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kid's Christmas Ornaments

On Friday we had a crafting extravaganza. I pulled out a bunch of crafty looking supplies, Marsha and Emily came over to help and we made ornaments like they were going out of style.

Here's the supply run down.

Portion of a wrapping paper roll, yarn, glue and ribbon. The one in the back is made from wooden red beads, pipe cleaner and yarn.

Piece of a wrapping paper roll (toilet paper rolls would work too), crumpled paper from a book, ribbon and glue.

Lid from a can of frozen juice, fuzzy fabric, beads, yarn and glue.

Folded paper from a Goosebumps book (I figured no one would mourn the loss of a Goosebumps book), beads, a scalloped circle punched out of green card stock, glue.

We made the little bags to hold their treasures with a paper lunch sack, yarn, an old Christmas card and glue.


  1. oh those are all SO beautiful! I love kids creations! Cute!! Thanks for sharing!

    stopping by from Tip Junkie!

  2. I love the toilet paper tube and book page ornament! I love it when kiddos get creative!