Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sweet Finds

I think these are adorable!

We had an issue this year with the stockings. Typically, the five stockings hang from the mantel above the fireplace. When I went to put up four stockings this year, the kids freaked out. Somehow it is little things that remind the kids that their Dad is no longer here. They wanted a stocking up for their Dad, I did not want the reminder that he left us four months ago. My compromise was this: three stockings hung in the family room for the children (it seems silly for me to have one up this year anyway) and a box packed with some Christmas decorations including a stocking for the children to bring to their Dad's apartment. It's like tip toeing my way through a minefield sometimes - you never know what is going to bring up sad feelings.


  1. i dont know you but your post touched me. you are strong and you will make it thru this.
    you should be proud of yourself for not just throwing his away because of the pain.
    this will be something your 3 kids will remember and be proud of you for when they get old enough to realize how hard this is.
    merry christmas

  2. Did you make those stockings? Cute. You have are a saint. Literally. Have you seen "Waiting To Exhale"? I still think they owe me money for stealing my thunder and having Angela Bassett reenact my life story (minus the money, big house and BMW)on the big screen. Take the high road and if you slip up sometime, remember to just laugh at yourself later. Hang on. It WILL get easier and better.

  3. Hi May!
    No, I did not make the stockings - I wish I were that talented! I just found them on the web. I have not seen that movie but I'll put it on my very long Netflicks list!