Saturday, December 5, 2009

Views from my Window - Baby it's Cold Outside

Winter has finally arrived in Minnesota. We had an unnaturally mild November, but the cold weather made it's way to our doorstep over the last few days. We also received our first winter dusting of snow. The kids are so excited about the snow and want to play outside every day. There is not enough of it yet to do anything really cool - they just go out, kick it around and get annoyed that there is not sledding available.

Booger season is also upon us. I go through tissue like you would not believe.

I am posting this one because of Calvin's envious eyelashes. Last week in primary, I watched him rubbing his eye and getting more and more frustrated. Finally, I caught his attention and signaled for him to come to me up by the piano. He had rubbed his eyelashes into his eye until they were tucked under his bottom lid. Imagine having that problem because your eyelashes are so dang long! Yes, I am jealous.


  1. Ouch! that would hurt. But, I'm jealous too!

  2. Are those Calvin's little feet? I love the plaid shoes!