Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Cookies

Sophie styled herself for Christmas Eve. I particularly like the bare legs and the enormous slippers.

Because our neighbors were out snow blowing our driveway, I had a huge wave of guilt for skipping the Christmas cookies this year. So, on Christmas Eve, we decided to whip up a few batches. Of course, not having planned ahead, I did not have the ingredients for my normal Christmas cookies and we were forced to try new recipes. I love that.

The kids made these Cookie Dough Truffles - no baking and no raw eggs.

Mace Windu decided to lend a helping hand - or helping light saber. Whatever. He was useless.

Here is my review of this recipe:

Too much work.

The dough is tasty, but it never really becomes easy to handle unless you freeze it. I had to keep popping the bowl outside and making the kids coat their hands with flour in order to roll these into little balls. Then you have to freeze them again or they become sticky.

Once the cookies are hard (frozen solid), you are supposed to dip them in melted chocolate to coat. They look gorgeous huh?

Pain. in. my. patoot.

They did not want to coat easily and they start thawing quickly so you can only take a couple out of the freezer at a time. Too much work.

I gave up and just plopped a dollop of chocolate on top of each one. Then they looked kind of homely so I added the Christmas sprinkles. Who wants a cookie that you have to keep refrigerated?! I give this recipe two and a half stars. It is kind of tasty and very pretty when dipped, but seriously?!

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