Monday, December 21, 2009

Making Me a Little Sad Today

Children are so perceptive and they worry about everything. This beautiful gift has caused Sophie some tears this weekend and that makes me sad. It is difficult to walk this new tightrope of separation without having tender young feelings become bruised. She is wrapped this morning in a blanket of excitement about Christmas and giving homemade gifts to her teachers. I think I put her fears to rest, but do we ever know what little uncertainties still linger in the far recesses of a child's mind?


  1. That's sad = (

    It must be awful hard on the kids as well as you this season. Assure her she is loved regardless by you and dad and everyone that has the pleasure of knowing your little family.

  2. sophie is lucky to have a mom so concerned with her tender feelings.

    how are you working christmas this year? it must be very hard for you as well. lots of love.

    p.s. my hair clips and pin came today. they're awesome. thanks a milion.