Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Late Night Thoughts

Unsuccessful meeting with ex tonight. Feeling drained and so frustrated that everything I do is still not enough when only one of us is meeting our responsibilities. I wish that I could do more and be more and not need to count on anyone else at all.

edit: I got into bed and decided I sound whiny. I am fine. Fine. Fine. Fine. I can handle whatever decisions I am going to have to make in 2010. I have realized that I was being prepared for this time in my life for many years. It is here now and I am fine. Fine. Fine. Fine.


  1. you are NOT being whiny! just honest. you are tied to your ex until your kids are grown and i'm sure it must be extremely frustrating when he's not pulling his weight. but you want to keep trying to get him to do so because of your kids. that's really tough, stace, and it stinks. but yes, you will make it through it and be ok becuase you are amazing and give life your all and continue to plug along. love ya!

  2. Like April said, you aren't being a whiner! We all feel for you and love you. I'm sending you a cosmic energy boost...can you feel it across the miles?:)

  3. You had time to fit in a meeting?? Wow, he really should consider himself lucky that you haven't fallen over from exhaustion and "dehydration" (that's the term Hollywood uses to describe any other thing you might be going through that puts you in the hospital = )

    You are going to make it through this year and every other year God grants you. You are NOT weak or whiny!

  4. I thought of you when I read this post.


    Stacey, I am constantly in amazement of you and how you seem to be handling things. You are an inspiration. Things might not always be going how you want them (or sometimes not at all) but you will pull through. You've got great friends, a great support system, and a wonderful family. Hang in there.