Friday, December 25, 2009

How The Boys Spent Their Morning

Three things about Max:

1. This kid needs a haircut. It's on the to-do list right under getting Sophie's cavity filled and getting me to a dentist to find out why my tooth with a root canal is aching. If he looks like he's growing a mullet, please don't stare. I'll get him there sometime soon.

2. Max has pulled out so many teeth lately that he is left with just four teeth in the front of his mouth. It makes him look a bit chipmunkish. Sometimes it's a bit alarming - like I wonder if he accidently pulled out some of his adult teeth just to fleece the tooth fairy. I don't know how he chews.

3. I try and buy the kids winter coats the year before on clearance and I always buy them a bit big to get several seasons out of them. Clearly, Max's coat could fit a 200 pound adult. He will be able to wear it until I shove him out the door to college. Now that's bring thrifty!

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