Thursday, December 24, 2009

Views From My Window - Christmas Eve Morning

Oh, it snowed! These photos are from this morning before the day completely ran away from me. It has been snowing off and on throughout the day which means it is even more impressively white and glorious outside right now. I wish you could all see this perfect white Christmas. It is gorgeous!

Perhaps I should have put that picnic table under the deck for the winter. Oops.

My sweet neighbor came over early this morning without being asked to clear my driveway and walks. An hour later another neighbor arrived to clear the new snow and the pile of heavy snow at the bottom of the driveway left by the snowplow. In the meantime, I had received two phone calls from friends asking if they could come and shovel for me. Do you see why I am so grateful to live here? We are surrounded by the best kind of people and I love them.

I am still trying to get my way too excited to fall asleep children to calm down and nod off. Only Calvin has succumbed to exhaustion at this point. I have quite a bit of cleaning to do before switching to Santa mode and I need them to go to sleep!!


  1. merry christmas, stace!!! i'm so glad you are surrounded by so many good hearts this christmas. have fun hibernating!!! so exactly how many books do you think you will read this weekend?

    p.s. no lie - my word verification is "bless." i'm so blessed to know you!!!

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