Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

I cannot say I am sorry to let 2009 slip softly away. After being such an emotional, draining, heartbreaking year, it drifted away last night without anyone in our house being awake to wave goodbye.

I face 2010 knowing it will be a year filled with major decisions for my little family. I face 2010 knowing that I can do this. Whatever comes, whatever choices we are forced to make, my family is strong.

I face 2010 so very humbled by the prayers, care and service our little family was blessed with in 2009. We have held it together because of you. I will always look back at 2009 as a year of great sorrow and tears, but also a year of great blessings (often accompanied by more tears). Thank you.

Welcome 2010. I am not afraid of you.


  1. Happy New Stacey to you and the kids! This will be a GOOD year for you because you already showed everyone what you could do while being "emotional" and under a lot of "stress"! I look forward to seeing how much more you can do without sleep = )
    It's amazing to watch you zip around with a bunch of kids like it's so easy.

  2. Hi Stacey, I'm just one of the many who come by your blog to be inspired. You and I have never met, but I feel like we know each other. I'm encouraged by your strength and honesty. Thank you, dear Sweet Lady. All the Best in the coming year, Angela Sylvester, Colorado Springs CO

  3. I also wanted to tell you that your honesty and strength are inspiring. God bless you and yours through this new year.


    P.S. Got the flower pin. Love it!! Thank you so much.