Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To Whom it May Concern

Dear makers of Word World Modeling Dough,

Exactly what genius thought it would be a good idea to make scented play dough? Do kids not eat enough of this stuff as it is? One of the daycare families brought over this basket full of modeling dough for the kids to use.

My review:
The packaging is ridiculous. It took me a good 15 minutes to hack away at the hard plastic shell covering this plastic basket. The basket it comes in is useless because once you remove it from the packaging, all of the supplies will not longer fit. It went directly to Goodwill. The modeling dough really does smell like grapes, cherries - whatever. One of the kids ate almost the entire tub of orange - I kid you not. I could not make her stop. When wet, which will happen because the kids are going to try to lick something that SMELLS GOOD, this stuff becomes slimy and sticky and makes the most enormous mess you can imagine. Kid tested rating - D.

Dear makers of Play Foam,

Sophie received this for her birthday (a year ago) and I finally pulled it out. I thought it looked like a mess and sometime I have to psych myself up for messy projects.

My review: This stuff is actually pretty cool. It works along the same lines as playdough - it can be rolled and cut out and shaped into all sorts of things. It is held together with some sort of freakish material that makes it stick together but does not make your hands sticky and it never dries out. I find that to be slightly disturbing and yet, very convenient. The kids have played with it for several days and when they are done I just toss it into a ziplock bag.
Kid tested rating: A-

Planet Saturn by Calvin. I thought it was an egg because that's where my mind goes.

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  1. I just am catching up on my blog reading and you have 24 posts, which I am not going to attempt to read, but I do want to say that the pictures are beautiful with the new camera, and that I got a new camera for Christmas too! I have taken just a few, nothing worth posting, but I'm so excited to take some pretty pictures. Hope all is well, or "better" or "closer to well that it has been." xo