Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Views From My Window - Snow Football

The weather is hovering around 10 degrees and the boys are playing snow football with a hunk of ice as the ball. What else can you do when you live in the frozen North? Last week they tried playing football in my family room until I lost my marbles and made them all do silent reading until their parents took them away.

The pattern of play is the same in 8 year old boys as it is in toddlers.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Shrieks of laughter, Ha! Ha! Ha!
Crying, wailing, tattle tailing.

Somehow it is easier to handle the cycle in a 2 year old than with an 8 year old. A few weeks ago, the boys would not stop throwing a ball around in the house and I finally took a pair of scissors and popped the thing in front of them. It was actually really hard to do because I am so cheap and kept thinking that I paid $2.50 for that stupid ball. The visual lesson was worth the $2.50 though.

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