Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recycled Snowman Craft

This was our crafty project yesterday. I have been saving caps thinking they must be useful for some kids crafty thing. I also saved a bunch of cardboard pieces from Christmas gifts.

Here's the how to.

Cover your table with paper and roll up everyone's sleeves!!

Start by painting the snow on the bottom of the cardboard with white paint.

Using a new brush, paint the blue on the top. These paints are from Michaels I think. They are about 4 years old and work fine.

Let the paint dry for a minute or two in the sun. Using the other end of the paintbrush, dip in the white paint and make snowflakes.

Let the kids pick 3 caps to use for their snowman - or, if you are Calvin, choose 4. Glue them down with Elmers. Cut shapes for the hat and arms from black card stock and glue. Some of the kids used a marker to draw eyes and buttons.

Done! So cute and easy!

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  1. That is so cute!! I'm definitely gonna have to copy this one. :)

    Blessings- Sarah