Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine Fairies

On Friday, we made Valentine Fairies. I had no real plan, I just knew I wanted to use wooden clothespins and have some sort of wings. I just pulled out a bunch of pink and red craft supplies and went from there. I found the wooden hearts, yarn and clothespins at garage sales.

Calvin helped punch out tiny little hearts.

Here's what we came up with.

Note: we used mostly school glue because I wanted the kids to be able to do this craft with minimal help, but I found the yarn hair would not stick well without a dab of hot glue. These needed a good couple of hours to dry (perfect to make right before nap time).

Another note: For younger children, I would recommend using the pipe cleaners - they were easier for them to wrap than the yarn.


  1. so adorable! and you are so good to craft with your little ones! i used to but now i dont have the energy (mentally). i should step it up!

  2. LOVE the pink one with feather wings and flower petal skirt! I need to get some Valentine crafts out before I can't anymore.