Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've Been MIA

Yes, I am still alive. My cold kicked my butt for a long time, but I am on the mend. The good news is, I can breathe through my nose! The bad news? My toothache is back.

It's back with a vengeance, keeping me up at night and causing me to take so much Advil that if I were to be in an accident, I would bleed to death in five minutes flat. It's going to take a case of diet coke to keep me awake today after another sleepless night last night. I am off to a new dentist this morning to find out why a tooth with a root canal and a crown is throbbing and sensitive to hot and cold. Let's all just take a moment to pray that it is fixable and not too expensive.

In happier news, this little nugget has been coming to play at our house. Don't you just love babies?


  1. So sorry about the toothache. I had something similar happen right after I had Leiden. I'll tell you what ended up happening AFTER you've gone to the dentist! (It's kind of like telling the pregnant-for-the-first-time woman all the horrible things that can happen!)

  2. Hope you get that tooth situation taken care of soon = )