Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Kid

This kid went on a sleepover to her friend's house last night. It has been a week of sleepovers for Sophie and she could not be more pleased.

This kid is spending the weekend with his Dad and hopefully getting a haircut.

This kid did not want to go with Max. Instead he has slept in my bed, beaten me at Candyland twice, watched a Star Wars movie and plucked ornaments off the trees as I try to take down Christmas. He told me I should not put away the decorations because there is still snow on the ground.

It's been kind of fun to have just Calvin around though he is the least helpful when it comes to chores. I'm sooooo tiiiired! I have a tornado in my heeeeeeeaaaad! I'm haaaaaving a heart attaaack!

Good thing I love him so much.

Taking down Christmas and cleaning the house is a monumental task. It is much more fun to put up the decorations than it is to take them down.

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