Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This Girl is a Birthday Girl

On Monday, Sophie had a birthday. She turned that magical age of eight. Sophie is energetic, imaginative, funny, stubborn, sweet, bossy and girly. She loves bugs, reading, playing with girlfriends, having sleepovers, singing along with the Disney Wii (hysterically funny), watching movies, sleeping, cooking, is the founder of the dance club (which meets twice a week in our home), loves school and her teachers and is just a joy to have as a daughter. She still lets me pick out her clothes and do her hair which makes me happy and she cannot keep her room clean if her life depended on it.

She had a lovely birthday - her favorite pancakes for breakfast, recognition at school, a gift from her little girlfriend in her class and after school, cupcakes. Usually on the children's birthdays, their Dad would come home early and actually have dinner with the family. I would make a special cake and we'd open family gifts. I decided the best way to distract Sophie from the change in family birthday celebrations was to have a little party.

Instead of a family dinner and cake, I made pink cupcakes and we celebrated her birthday after school with all of the daycare kids. It was perfect as Sophie was thrilled to be the center of attention and be able to share her birthday with so many friends.

I did not have a lot of time to spend on the cupcakes as I had two babies under six months that day, so I used a mix and added lemon zest and then made cream-cheese icing. The letters were made by melting some chocolate wafers and pouring them into a ziploc bag. I then snipped off the edge and wrote the letters on a silpat and stuck them outside in the -16 weather to freeze for about 2 minutes. I made extra letter so each kid could have one.

It is always hard to think about buying gifts right after Christmas, but we found Sophie some shoes for her new Kit doll, a tween movie and a webkinz (which are on clearance at Walgreens for $5.00 if anyone is interested). Later in the afternoon, the UPS man brought Sophie a birthday package from her Grandma Erickson which had her jumping up and down for joy. I'll have to take a photo of her in her new finery so you can see. In the evening, her Dad picked her up and took her to Culvers for dinner. A pretty special day for my beautiful girl.

Not shown: Baby Lily (who was sleeping) and Alex who had just finished barfing. I have a truly glamorous job.


  1. Happy Birthday Sophie! It sounds like she had a wonderful day. She looks so cute and the cupcakes are beautiful.

    Don't worry, I have a pretty gross job as well, full of lots of grown up size c-diff liquidy poop which explodes out of them every 5 minutes and always manages to reach down to their feet soaking the entire bed. And lots of thick yellow sputum which is about the only thing that really grosses me out. And this morning a guy handed me his full water cup to throw out and I thought "that doesn't look like orange juice or ginger ale", turned out he'd used his cup instead the urinal and put the top and straw back in and everything. I've got plenty more gross stories where those came from.

  2. EEeeeewwwww!! Ok, your job is far, far worse. Somehow kid poop is easier for me to stomach than adult poop or other secretions! Nasty.

  3. Happy Birthday, Sophie! Hope you had a super day!