Friday, September 18, 2009

Views from my Window - and Front Door

The kids spend a lot of time making homes for Fluffy Cute McFuzzball.

Sophie found this little skeleton of something or other in the leaves. At some point I realize that this child is going to start trying to bring her little critters into my house. I do not look forward to this day.

I remember while growing up in Vermont, I found a frog and decided I needed to keep him in my room. My room was on the main level next to the orange office which was slated to become a bedroom as more children joined our family. I kept my frog hidden in a bucket under my bed (I can't even remember how I fed him - maybe I didn't, thus motivating the frog to flee) and one day the thing escaped. Too afraid to tell my Mother I had been hiding a frog in her house, I just searched on my own and then gave up. Months, maybe years? past and one day my Mother was moving a dresser in my room and found a black, dried and shriveled up frog hidden underneath. I can't remember her reaction, but I know what mine would be now!! Keep the creepy crawlies outside Sophie.


  1. Last fall I was brushing my teeth. The bathroom door was open. In my side vision I saw something moving down the hall. Nervously I checked it out and it was a tree frog bouncing down the hallway. I have NO idea how it got into my house (a week later I found another one sitting on my wall).

  2. Hahaha!...thanks for sharing this memory from your childhood - I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. At least McFuzzball is and original name. I help the children, at church, name their stuffed animals.