Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Frog Named Greeny

Sophie's friend Kate gifted her this little frog. Sophie is not very creative when it comes to naming her pets (she has a brown bug necklace she calls Browny). Greeny lived here for several days in Sophie's bug house. There was constant worry - was she too cold, not wet enough, did she have enough bugs . . . Greeny had to be held, cuddled and passed around every minute the kids were home.

Greeny finally decided she had been pushed too far. She hopped up into the long spout of the watering can where Sophie was giving her a bath and she refused to come down. Oh, the tears! The sobbing! The trauma! Two days later, we finally figured out that Greeny had escaped while we were sleeping and returned to the wild. Sophie mourned. Greeny, I'm sure, is much happier without the constant care of my children.


  1. Love the name. Andrew suffers from the same naming issues. He has a green frog named, "Greeny" and an elephant named "elephanty." Did Sophie ever notice the bee on her finger? Emily is freaking out over that picture!

  2. No, she did not notice that bee. She did notice the one that stung her today though!

  3. boy, i had a lot to catch up with onyour blog. fun to see more pics of your trip. glad you were able to catch up with old friends, fun to see sophie's passion for bugs remains in tact, glad you ahd such a great time with your family, and i absolutely ADORE that pic of you and your kids jumping in the air on that mountain. get that framed please.