Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Day of School - Hooray!!

Tuesday morning was the first day of school for Max and Sophia. I only had three extra children that morning, so it was a test run for me to get a feel for how the morning are going to work. (The real test comes tomorrow when there will be 11 kids here for breakfast - help.)

I think both of the kids were excited to get back to school and to see their friends again. After a hurried breakfast, packing lunches and making sure backpacks were ready, I loaded the baby in the stroller and walked the kids up to school. Once there, I had to rush around to five different classrooms to introduce myself and let the teachers know where all 5 of my kids are meeting to walk back to my home together. Hopefully it will all run smoothly!

The kids brought little Happy 1st Day of School treats for their teachers.

There are a lot of walkers - at least until the snow falls.

One of our neighbors is a crossing guard this year.

Some of our friends from the neighborhood. The five on the left are with me.

Max giving me the "you are embarrassing me" hairy eyeball. He's getting so big!

Sophie still thinks I'm cool.

On the walk back to the school to pick up the kids, I had one baby in the stroller, carried another and had two others following me. I obviously need a double stroller - ASAP.

I hope this is a great year for the kids in school. They have some wonderful teachers and an excellent school. I am so grateful the school year has begun!


  1. Feeding 11 kids??? Augh!!! Good luck - you are awesome!

  2. Don't worry Stacey... Greg doesn't even give me "the look" most of the time, I just cease to exist! And I have no other to still think I am cool.... Except John, he still thinks I'm cool! :)
    I had to take Greg to school yesterday and run in to have a form filled out, and when we were done we were walking outside (because it was still too early for him to be inside) and talking and as soon as we got outside his friend walked up and in the middle of my sentence he just said "bye" and wouldn't look in my direction anymore... It made me sad. :(