Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Mother's Garden

Actually, both of my parents put long hours into their gardens and their yard. My Dad is partial to roses and my Mother is partial to everything! Their yard is just bursting with blooms and fruit trees and they also have an enormous vegetable garden. My Mom is going to be embarrassed that I photographed her garden after a week of neglect, but as her one child with a black thumb, I think it is beautiful.

Their house borders a huge community park where the kids love to go and play on the playground and ride their scooters.

I want to plant some of these next year - what am I saying?! My yard is a mess of weeds right now as it is!

Poppy - someone's lap dog. Found in the middle of the road during a rainstorm.

Max is opening the door that leads to the community park. Oreo used to leap this fence when he was younger. You can imagine how startling that must have been for whatever neighbor happened to be walking by on the other side of the fence!

Calvin is always willing to show his younger cousins how to live on the edge.

Oreo. Obtained as a puppy from the WalMart parking lot. Lot of inbreeding.


  1. Wow, Incredible Cosmos! I love Cosmos. I love her garden! One day I will once again live somewhere where flowers grow. I just planted round 2 since it will start cooling soon... crossing my fingers.

  2. I'm going to be the bagel/sandwich maker. I'm going to learn how to make the perfect bagel. It's going to put Einsteins out of business.