Friday, February 12, 2010

Yesterday - in Photos

Things to note:
  • The kids are out of school yesterday, today and Monday.
  • That's a lot of kids at my house (10-12 all day yesterday if you count the neighbor boy who would not go away).
  • Though cold outside, the children went in and out a minimum of 47 times yesterday. That's a lot of wet snow pants.
  • I had an unannounced home visit yesterday right before lunch. She stayed to observe 10 kids eat lunch and to make sure I was not serving pop tarts and root beer. The house was a mess of suitcases for Mom and Dad and winter gear for a colony of children.
  • Sophie and Grandma made the sugar cookie dough. Sophie dressed her American Girl doll in her little apron and brought her down to watch along with all of her baking supplies.
  • My parents flew into town Wednesday night. Their plane was not delayed as they came from the West, not the East. I am so happy they are here!
  • Max and Sophie both received packages yesterday from Grandma Erickson. More darling clothes for Sophie and Max had to wait as all of his gifts were wrapped for his birthday next week.
  • I had parent teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • I have two complete opposite kids in school right now. For one child, the conferences are glowing, happy things. For my other child, the conferences reduced me to tears of frustration.
  • I was so tired last night that I fell asleep before 10pm in my lovely bed with warm flannel sheets.


  1. Love the picture of your dad feeding the baby! That is soooo cute! I love that little chubby cheeker boy!

  2. Love the pictures..and I can relate to the opposite conferences experiences. I am sure mine came from the same source...How can they be SO different?

  3. I can tell you're enjoying that new camera. :) Love these pics. Your point of view in each is great. My fave is the one of ??your dad?? playing the wii with your daughter. That's just fun.