Friday, February 26, 2010

Celebrating Max

Remember all those unwrapped candy canes from Sophie's failed Valentine's? Well, I had Max smash them and then used them to top his cupcakes on his actual birthday. We celebrated after school with all of the daycare kids and a neighbor kid bringing our total to 11. It was loud.

This is Sophie calling her Dad to see when he is going to arrive as the kids were getting restless.

Max opened his gifts from the family including his new wardrobe from Grandma Erickson, books from Mom and Sophie (purchased at the library book sale for $0.25/each!) and a Bakugan Wii game from Calvin.

He really like Calvin's gift (please note that Calvin is losing his pants as usual).

This book from Rachael and Isaac was also a big hit.


Note to self: chocolate pound cake cupcakes + eleven kids + white linoleum = disaster.

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