Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Box - fit for a pirate!

Grandpa helped Max construct his Valentine's Day Box for school. All three kids drew and cut out fish to swim in the sea at the bottom of the boat. Hooray for helpful Grandpa's in town!

Max ended up winning a prize for most creative box! Happy Valentine's Day me heart-ies!


  1. I can see why he won. That is the coolest box ever. So creative!

  2. I totally remember making my own valentine's boxes--let me rephrase: I totally remember my parents making me outrageous valentine's boxes. I think their personal best was a pair of Valentine boxers with hearts all over them that my mom used fabric stiffener to stand straight up, glued the ends of the legs to some cardboard, and voila! The valentines went in through the waistband. I used that one for years, although you would probably be arrested for the same anymore.