Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine Craft - Collage Hearts

On Friday we made these cute heart collages. You will need cardboard (mine are from box inserts), black paint, lots of punched out hearts in the same size, paper and glue.

First paint your entire piece of cardboard black.

Try not to get black paint on your hands. Calvin managed to get it all over the front and back of his red shirt. The shirt may been doomed.

Give each child a half sheet of paper and have them start gluing hearts all over. You want to cover the entire surface by overlapping the hearts. Use lots of glue both under and over the hearts. Some of the kids used paint brushes to spread the glue, some used their fingers.

When you are done, it should look like this. Except it won't because I made that one.

Yours will look more like this - if you happen to be 5.

Your table will look like this.

Let dry during nap time.

Print out a heart (about 5X7) and tape it to the back of your collage. Here's where you can benefit from my mistakes. Print the heart out first and have the kids collage on the back of the heart. It will save you a step.

Now just cut out the heart using kitchen sheers as it will be pretty thick.

Glue the heat on your black cardboard and you are done. Beautiful!

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