Monday, February 8, 2010

New Duds and More Snow

The kids got a box of new clothes in the mail this week from their grandparents. Don't you just love packages? Me too.

I'm going to start calling Sophie sassy pants - wait I think I already call her sassy pants. Her little friend at school made her a picture and wrote on it "Sophie is so fancy". This is her new outfit -so cute and sassy!

People, I only have one daughter and she is still letting me style her - I intend to enjoy every minute. I am aware that the day will come all too soon when she will turn up her pert little nose at all of her little girl clothes. Sad.

Max's new coat is super awesome especially since it has been a raging blizzard here for the last few days. I think I shoveled three times today and it has piled up again. Sigh. You are beautiful snow. I just wish I did not have to shovel or deal with 500 wet mittens, coats, snow pants, scarves and hats every single day. Also, I need a good pair of snow boots that are simple to slip on. Several people have recommended Uggs. Are they Minnesota worthy? Are they worth the price? My clogs are not serving me well in the snow.

I want to curl up with Pride and Prejudice tonight, but I need to finish a project and clean up downstairs aaaaaand read the book club book for tomorrow night. Crap - gotta go!


  1. Are those from my mom? If so, then I think I saw those in person. And Sophie's outfit was very cute, perfect for her!
    I have fake Uggs and my feet get really wet in them. So I looked up if real Uggs are better at keeping your feet dry and from what I have read, they are not meant to keep your feet dry, just warm. And I have found that the darn snow melts and makes my feet miserably wet. If you find a good pair of boots that does not do that, let me know! I end up just wearing my sweater shoes everywhere (thats what we call them, they are actually Steve Madden), but they too are awful for any real snow and I change my socks several times a day. But they are fuzzy and warm (when not wet) and easy as pie to slip on and off. I recommend them, but not for shoveling. Sorry I'm not more help.

  2. I heard that Gander Mountain has their snow boots on sale 50% off. Might want to call first to double check, but they probably have "Minnesota worthy" boots.

  3. Have you tried Land's End? I just wear the shoe boots down here (where there isn't as much snow as you get)but they have actual boots too. I love mine (4 years now). Most of their winter weather clothing is rated for different climates so you can get what you need. Check out their website or a smaller collection is sometimes found at Sears.

  4. Yes, the clothes were from your Mom and we love all of them! I don;t have photos of Calvin in his, but he got some cute things as well. I'll have to try and get out this weekend and search for boots in between the baptism and the birthday party! Maybe they'll be one sale due to the time of year!

  5. Super cute hearts. I have joined the babysitting co-op that some women in my neighborhood started last year. This morning I had 8 kids here from 9-12. I tried to do a muffin decorating thing... I couldn't keep it together. One kid got that back door open and about three of them followed her out into the mud. (It's been raining for about a week.) So I left to get those kids back inside, socks taken off, cleaned up... to go back to the table and find frosting and sprinkles dumped all over the place. I don't know if I'll try crafts anymore. Some of them love the dogs, some of them are scared to death of dogs. The dog lovers let the dogs in so the dog haters scream their heads off. So fun this daycare thing. I'm doing it so that I can leave Sarah with someone every morning to train for my first ultra. not the 100, just a 50 K. If I can babysit every wednesday from 9-12, I can run an ultra.

  6. Shan - you can totally do this though you may need to use belts to secure all of the children to chairs while you craft! Try really easy things like fruit loop necklaces. I think the co-op is a great idea - keep me posted on how it is working!