Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Craft - Tissue Paper Jars

This is a really simple, inexpensive little craft. You will need glass jars with their labels removed (we used a couple different sizes of baby food jars), elmer's glue, tissue paper and brushes.

I started punching the tissue paper into heart shapes but quickly decided that was a pain in the butt. Instead I just cut it into small irregular shapes and they worked great. Water down your glue a little and have the kids start painting the outside of their jars with the glue (start on the bottom). Then, just stick on tissue paper overlapping each piece and brushing on more glue until the whole jar is covered.

We found the regular brushes worked better than the foam brushes which tended to rip the tissue paper. Let dry for a few hours in the sun and tie a ribbon around the top.

We filled jars with candy and pencils and sent them home with the kids for Valentines Day, but this craft could be made for any event simply by changing the color scheme.


  1. i remember doing this exact craft when i was in 3nd grade. i loved it! maybe i can do it with my 4 year old niece, i know she would get a kick out of it. i love your pretty pinks compared to the ugly 70's earth tones we used back in the day :)

  2. lol. i meant 2nd. second. its late, my mediocre typing skills are growing weaker with every second!