Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sophie's Sleepover

Here's a look at Sophie's sleepover Friday night. We had pizza for dinner and fake fondue for dessert. One of the girls has a nut allergy, so this was much easier that making cake. I meted a bag of chocolate chips (check the brands, they are not all nut free) and then set out bowls of fruits, big marshmallows, donut holes, and pretzel waffles. Easy and fun to eat.

There was a lot of this late into the night. The girls watched Night at the Museum 2 and then fell asleep watching Nim's Island a little before midnight.

They were up by 7am (curse them!) and we made a craft - same one I did with the little kids except different frames.

Sophie requested puffy pancakes for breakfast with sausages. I made the pancakes in individual ramekins and then set out syrup, raspberry freezer jam and heavy whipped cream. Yum!

After breakfast they all painted their nails until their parents arrived to pick them up. Sophie had a ball and it really was not much work for me. I love that.

** For puffy pancake recipe, go here.


  1. Aloha, how cute was this party??!!?? wow I want puffy pancakes too..any special recipe for those?
    wishing you a great week