Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Have A Kid in Double Digits

Late afternoon on the day of Sophie's baptism, Max celebrated his 10th birthday with a trip to the movies. Somehow, Max has gotten cheated out of a birthday party for the last two - maybe three years. I should have planned his birth better - too close to Sophie's birthday which is too close to Christmas.

My Mom and I took the crazy group of boys to see Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief - pretty cute movie. Max had read the series a couple of times and Sophie read the first book that day. She let us know after the movie exactly what was missing from the film version - in great detail.

Six boys, lots of energy, one lost gift in the theater, several trips back inside to search, flashlights, managers, going through the trash . . . tacos at Taco bell, cake, dancing on chairs . . . it about did me in. Max had a great, great time and I remembered why I avoided boy birthday parties. Both my Mom and I fell asleep trying to watch a BBC detective series with my Dad that night. Good grief!

Max is a great kid and he deserved to have a fun birthday party just for him (I should have had all summer babies - easier parties). His Grandma Erickson sent him a new wardrobe which is great as he somehow grew when I was not looking and all of his pants are high waters these days. I love you Max.

FYI, Max is obsessed with "squishys" these plastic pencil toppers found in fifty cent vending machines. Is this happening where you live? I blame the daycare kids. Some of the boys introduced them into our house and now they are all the rage. Most teachers have banned them from our school as they are such a huge distraction!

Sophie came and met up with her friend Reagan whose Mom was at the movie with another group of boys from our church.

What is she doing? Is this some sort of flirting these days? Interestingly, I have never in my life been able to bend like that.


  1. We got the same "what's missing" talk after watching the movie too. I guess it is good to learn the lesson that "the movie is never better than the book" early! Honestly I really liked the movie..but I have not read the books yet.

  2. It has been an EXTREMELY long time since I could bend like that. I think it is something they do in ballet class... I think Sophie has now inspired me to try to get to the point where I can do it again (bonus points if you can do it on a bench in Taco Bell!!)I have lots of time before anyone can expect it though... Gotta birth a baby first!