Monday, January 5, 2009

This Beautiful Girl is Seven!

Sophie's birthday was on Sunday. We celebrated with a birthday breakfast - Sophie requested whole wheat pancakes with chocolate chips. Church does not start until 11:00 this year, leaving us plenty of time to enjoy breakfast together on Sunday mornings. I took some homemade raspberry sauce and folded it into whipped cream to spread on the pancakes and then later that evening, I added a bit more powdered sugar and used it to frost the lemon cupcakes.

I think Calvin consumed about a half dozen pancakes - maybe more.

Sophie's brothers gave her Kung-Poo Panda (Calvin's pronunciation) which has dethroned Wall-E as the favorite movie in the house. All three kids delight in trying their fighting skills on each other. "High-Ya!!!" is a frequent exclamation in the house.

She also enthusiastically opened her gift from G&G Erickson - a new pink vest and a couple of shirts and a bathtub for her fake American girl doll from Mom and Dad. The doll has been bathed several times since Sunday morning.

What will I remember about Sophie-loo-whoo with the big baboo and the coochie coo coo at age seven?
  • She has the longest nickname on the planet. At times, she puts her nickname on her schoolwork. Sometimes we add bibbity-bobbity-boo to the end.
  • She adores school and all of her teachers. She made them welcome back to school pictures for each one of them after winter break.
  • She delights in little things. One of her birthday gifts was an old clock radio we had in the garage and set up near her bed so she could set her alarm for the morning and always know what time it is. It may be her favorite thing ever. Last night she told Bryan she was going to watch the numbers change until they got to 12:00. She did not make it.
  • Sophie is very quick to fall asleep. She does not stall at bedtime, just tucks in all of her favorite dolls and furry friends and then drops right off to sleep.
  • She narrates her play. Even when she unloads the dishwasher, she narrates what she is doing in the first person, weaving a story into her chores. Everything in her life is part of a story and she is always pretending.
  • She does not like to do her chores, except unloading the dishwasher.
  • She is one tough little cookie. She does not take crap from her brothers and is always in the middle of any wrestling that is going on.
  • She still loves reading and is starting to delve into longer books. She loves to re-read many of the series of books she owns like The Magic Treehouse and The Jewel Princesses.
  • She is trying to grow her hair out. She wants it to be as long as her friend Reagan.
  • She still retains a hint of her Bostonian-like accent. She has wonderful expression when she reads aloud.
  • She makes this face if you make fun of her or embarrass her.

We are grateful to have this sweet, beautiful girl in our home and we love her so very much. Happy Birthday Sophie!


  1. Happy Birthday to Sophie! What a beautiful girl - in every sense of the word. The world is a luckier place because of Sophie!


    Aunt Barb

  2. Happy Birthday Sophia!!! I hope it was a wonderful day for you... It looks like it was. I love to read what your mom has to write about you on her blog. It helps to keep me more in tune to who you are since we live so far apart. You seem to be such a sweet, smart little girl and your whole family (me included) are lucky to have you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Aunt Molly

    Greg got your thank you card in the mail yesterday. You did a wonderful job expressing your gratitude. It made us all smile. Thank you for sending it.

  3. Happy Birthday Sophie! I hope you liked the princess card. It totally reminded me of you.
    These pictures of her are so cute. And also, I thought Kung Fu Panda was a lot more fun than Wall E. Wall E was cute, but also a little strange.

  4. Oh and the breakfast looks delicious! I'm going to have to try making frosting that way sometime. Sounds good.