Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Views from my window - Unexpected Guests

The weather is back up in the 20's which means our feathered friends are back to visiting us regularly. Actually, I think we were just too cold to go out and fill the bird feeder when the temperature dropped to -26. Sorry about that guys.

Do you see the guy on the left with the jaunty patch of red on top of his head? That's a Common Redpoll (according to Bryan), and it is the first time we have ever had one come to our house. Bryan is a walking encyclopedia of bird facts. If you ever want to see him swoon, get him a heated birdbath. He was been telling me we need one years. I'd rather have new toilets, but whatever.

The birds come in huge numbers until this guy shows up and scares them all away. No longer intimidated by knocking on the glass, in order to get him to leave, you have to open the sliding glass door and lob a snowball at him. He can pack away birdseed like nobody's business.

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