Thursday, January 22, 2009

Views from my car window today

These people are crazy.

Christmas is over folks.


  1. I don't know how I found your blog and I don't know you but I love reading it. It is nice to find other LDS mom's all over the country. I love all the crafts you do with your kids!

  2. John and Greg go out ice fishing. They have one of those pop up tents for the ice too (I forget what they call them) Supposedly they're really warm inside, but I wouldn't know.
    I can't talk about other people having Christmas stuff up, I just got down my Christmas tree this week. It probably would have been up till June otherwise.

  3. Yes, John and Greg go ice fishing. It has been both days on the weekends lately. I pretty much spend the weekends alone doing laundry. Anyway, they just got an ice shanty this year, which they are loving! They even managed to create their own weather in it the other day! Between the cold, the wind outside and their breath, it started snowing on them inside!! I'm happy they have it to use now since last year and earlier this year they just went out and sat on buckets ice fishing. That is COLD!!! Now they need a heater for their shanty and they will be all set!

  4. Wouldn't a heater not be the smartest thing when you're sitting on ice? Just wondering.