Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Break

What fun and exciting things have we been doing this holiday break? We have watched Wall-E more times than I can count. Why do kids like multiple viewings of movies? Yesterday they watched Inspector Gadget and then they wanted to watch it again today. Why is that?

I get in a certain mood I guess - right now I am in a period drama mood. It started with Cranford, then I had to see the new Sense and Sensibility, then the new Persuasion was in the same set so I watched that another night but then I felt like I had to watch the older version again because it is so much better.

We have been reading, cleaning up the Christmas decorations, playing games until the wee hours of the morning, sleeping late, coloring, and in general, doing not much of anything. I think it has been very soothing. I dread Monday morning. Though I am very much looking forward to getting back to a schedule, all of us are going to find it hard to get up early again!

We have almost finished the thank-you notes. Calvin gets bored very easily and does not want to sign his name. He wants to watch Wall-E of course!

Two things I want to remember about this photo: 1. Max is still in his "I want long hair" phase. I trimmed his hair a couple of weeks ago. I cannot cut hair. 2. Max chews on the front of his shirts when he is thinking. Sophie chews on her hair.

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