Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear KitchenAid

Dear KitchenAid,

I consider myself a loyal customer. I own many KitchenAid products and consider my mixer to be an essential component to my marriage. However, I do have a bone to pick with you. This is the THIRD beater I have had to replace. I can understand wanting the beater to match the color of the mixer, but please - no one wants flecks of white plastic in their cookies. I have discovered the non-coated beater and I ask you - why did you not give me this in the first place?

Thank you for your concern KitchenAid, and if you feel racked with guilt and would like to send me something to make me feel better about your products, I would be tickled to receive the Pro 500 series stand mixer in red.



  1. They make ones now with a rubber spatula on the beater too so that it scrapes down the edges for you.

  2. Mine is white and hasn't done that yet, but it's only been a few years. I'm not looking forward to that happening. I have noticed it is not good at getting the stuff on the bottom all mixed in, so that rubber spatula on the beater sounds like a great thing! Or maybe it needs to be just a tad longer, or both.