Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Happy Things

On Monday, our library re-opened after months of remodeling. Calvin and I stopped by to see the new space and to pick up 30 some odd books! There are some comfy new reading spots near large sun filled windows - the perfect spot to read on a chilly winters day. Calvin was primarily excited to play on the game computers again.

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  1. Calvin's such a cutie! Our town library has a great chidren's room that was redone several years ago now, you will have to see next time you're in town.
    When Dave was here, we wen to the downtown library where they had a hidden secret room within the children's room, but they switched the children's area to the new building across the street and they have a new modern building. They tried to replicate the secret room, but it just doesn't have any character to it. It's a boring plain old room. Not the same at all. They should have stuck with the old.