Tuesday, January 27, 2009

American Girls . . and their dolls

Saturday was Natalie's 5th birthday party and both Sophie and I were invited. It was held at the new (since November) American Girl Doll Store in the Mall of America. I was invited as a parent volunteer and Bryan stayed home with the boys - hooray!

To the store's credit, no one commented on the fact that only two of the girls actually owned an American girl doll.

Please forgive the lady's fat bum in this photo. Wait - is that me?

The party was adorable and they did everything leaving Susan I free to cheer on the girls and eat salmon for lunch. They played games, made crafts and had a fancy lunch with fruit kabobs, pink lemonade, pizza and cake.

Do the dolls look a bit freaky hanging there on the wall? I love the little hanging pendant lights and I kind of want that throne for my house.

Um, I also want this cake stand.

Thank you Susan! Susan and I kept sneaking cake off the girls plates when they weren't looking.
Did you really think that was my bum? Mine may be that large, maybe, but it's cuter.


  1. That is my dream birthday party! It sounds fabulous. I absolutely loved American Girls. I would fill out the card in the back of the book to get the catalog every time I got a new book (or took one out of the library) and I would spend hours pouring over everything in the catalog. And I saved my pennies in the hope that someday I might be able to buy myself a doll. My parents couldn't afford one back then. And I was so mad when my friend got one from her grandparents and she had never read any of the books and didn't really care about it.
    Does Sophie have a doll? I didn't notice her with one. I'm glad the store didn't care about some girls not having them. That would've been discrimination of who could come to the party, which would not have been cool. It sounds and looks like they did a wonderful job.

  2. No, Sophie has a target knock-off doll. I never had one as a child either (too expensive), but my sister Koo got one and I was very jealous. I told Sophie if she saved her pennies, maybe by next year we could get her an American Girl Doll - we both like Kit because she has freckles like Sophie.

  3. This is obviously the "gold standard" in little girls' birthday parties! My girls look over the catalogs soooo carefully and talk about which dolls looks like them and what accessories would be the most fun. I think whoever thought of these dolls was brilliant... and now very rich. :)

  4. Kit came out when I was in high school, so she wasn't around when I was looking through the catalogs, but I've read all her books and she is so cute. She does look like Sophie. Have you guys seen the movie? I thought it was pretty cute.