Monday, January 19, 2009

The Chocolate Party Mega Post

Saturday night was Sophie's big Chocolate Birthday Party. She invited 10 of her closest girlfriends for an evening of sugar and fun!

Here is what I know:

  • Eleven 7-year-old girls are really loud. They scream. A lot.
  • Eleven 7-year-old girls are energetic and become even more energetic when you feed them chocolate.
  • Eleven 7-year-old girls can make a mess in record time.
Here is what the girls looked like most of the night - laughing and shrieking.

Here is the birthday girl in her birthday crown - someone was bouncing up and down with joy when the guests started to arrive.

First up? A game. I wrapped a large chocolate bar in newspaper, wrapping paper and string. The girls formed a line on one end of the family room and the first girl in line rolled a die until she got a six.

As soon as she rolled a six, she ran to the other end of the room where the chocolate bar was, and had to put on a hat, kimono, one cowboy boot, a tutu and a rubber glove. At that point she could try and unwrap and eat the chocolate bar.

In the meantime, the next girl in line was trying to roll a six and when she did, she ran down and had to repeat the process with the clothes.

I found there was not enough time for the girls to actually get everything on and have a chance at the chocolate, so I made the next girl in line count to 50 before she began rolling. Even this was not enough time, so I made them count backwards from 50. This both slowed them down and made me feel like they were also learning something - bonus!

Learn from my mistake - do not play this game on carpet. We played until everyone had a chance to get a bit of the chocolate bar.

Yes, Sophie dressed herself for the night - I especially liked the frog socks with the patchwork skirt.

After the game, we went into the kitchen for dinner. While the pizza was in the oven, I had the girls make a batch of brownies which we poured into muffin tins. They each unwrapped a peanut butter cup and placed it on top of their brownie. These cooked while the girls ate dinner (pizza, chocolate milk and chocolate dipped strawberries).

These were the birthday cupcakes.

These are some peppermint patties with Sophie's face on them as well - they say "chocolate lover".

When the girls were done eating, they each made two chocolate cake pops (like the ones I made for Halloween).

After the cake pops, they each made a miniature chocolate layer cake out of oreos and chocolate frosting.

It was messy.

Then, riding the sugar high, we opened gifts and then settled in to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory while I got their gift boxes ready to go home.

Each girl took home her cake pops, her peanut butter cup brownie, her mini-layer cake, some of the Sophie face chocolate peppermint patties and various other chocolate treats.

I thought I would watch a movie (alone, in silence) after the party, but I was TOO TIRED! Happy Birthday Sophie!


  1. Oh that is so fun! I love the gift boxes! And that all of the favors in it are edible. I hate the little crappy toys that come home from birthday parties. I want them eaten and gone! Although I might have eaten this if my kids came home with a goodie bag as nice as this. Did you get a nap the next day...birthdays are a lot of work...

  2. I was waiting for this post! You did such a great job with everything! It looks both beautiful and delicious! And the gift boxes are so fancy. Where did you find those boxes? Happy Birthday Sophie!!