Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wickedly Good Fun

On Monday night I had the unexpected treat of going to see Wicked with the Backer family. Vickie called last minute with an extra ticket and Kelly graciously agreed to take my kids (sorry again Kelly for Calvin's little "mishap").

I had seen Wicked once in Chicago, so it was really fun to see it again with a different cast. I was sitting next to Carrie who was seeing it for the third time, so we had lot to compare. Overall, though I enjoyed the show and was thoroughly entertained, I thought the cast in Chicago was stronger.

Elpheba, played by Donna Vivino, did a nice job and I was reminded again by how difficult her part is to sing! Here is a brief clip of Elpheba.

Our Galinda, Katie Rose Clarke, seemed a little tired or off her game. Though funny in many scenes, her voice was not impressively strong. She was however, more comfortable with the lower range of her role than the Galinda we saw in Chicago (Erin Mackey, who is absoluetely hysterical).

Our wizard, Lenny Wolpe was absolutely terrific and stole the show whenever he was on stage. Fiyero, Richard Blake was also much better than than the one we saw in Chicago.

The funniest part of the night was the wardrobe malfunction during One Short Day. One of the guys was wearing what should have been balloon shorts. They must have not been snapped or something, because every time he jumped or twirled, he flashed the audience his black boxer briefs. The actor was trying not to laugh and his dance partner was in hysterics.

It was such a fun, unexpected treat and reminded me again of how much I just love musicals! I came home and spent a hour on You Tube the next day comparing different Galinda's and Elpheba's. So thank you again Vickie - it was just magical!

By the way, I think Kristen Chenoweth is just about the most adorable woman out there. Can you imagine seeing her on Broadway as Galinda?! I was so impressed with her in the clip (not a Wicked clip) that I watched it about 5 times in a row. Amazing voice.

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  1. I came across your blog from my husband's cousin's wife's sister's blog (no joke!) and thought I'd let you know I was here. The funny thing is I live in Cottage Grove, not far from you, saw Wicked last week, and of course Twilight. Isn't it amazing what we can have in common and not even know each other. The blogging world is a fun place. Feel free to check us out.