Monday, November 10, 2008

Super Saturday Round-Up

Saturday was our annual craft day at the church. I was teaching one of the classes, so I did not take many photos. I am still deciding whether to photograph the craft I was in charge of as some of you may be receiving one for Christmas!

Ebeadean was in charge of the lunch as usual and she always goes overboard on the table decorations - check out the vegetable turkeys! They were adorable and she made little take-home gifts for everyone as well.

The lunch was a soup buffet - the butternut squash was my favorite - and I tried three. Ebeadean made a bunch of salads as well. It was all delicious and perfect after a morning of trying all of the cookie contest entries!

I slipped away from my table in the afternoon to learn how to make these adorable hair clips from Mercedes. They were a bit time consuming, involved sewing which is not a talent I possess, (I haven't even started the third variety) but I am so happy to know how to make them at last! Sophie wore the brown and pink ones to church on Sunday and they actually stayed in her hair! I picked up some supplies later in the afternoon to make some more for Christmas gifts.


  1. Can you tell/show me what kind of clips were used for the back of the hair clips? They are very cute.

  2. 1. The whoopie pies were delicious. Thanks for posting the recipe, I'm sure they will get made in the near future. 2. what am I doing in that pictures? love the shot of me stuffing my face.

  3. Hi Aunt Barb - the clips are the metal alligator clips. When you squeeze one end together, the whole clip opens up like an alligator's mouth. I bought them at Sally's beauty supply. The kind with the tension release fall right out of Sophie's hair. I'll try and post a tutorial in the near future.

  4. Would love a tutorial for gifts this Christmas, trying to find expensive homemade ideas can be a challenge.

  5. May I use your broccoli center piece image as an example on my blog? I will of course link to you and reference you on the photo.