Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Views from my window

Here is the the four-day forecast: snow, sleet, rain, hail, freezing rain, more snow. Sounds delightful.

Your Thanksgiving thought of the day:

"Prayer is an essential part of conveying appreciation to our Heavenly Father. He awaits our expressions of gratefulness each morning and night in sincere, simple prayer from our hearts for our many blessings, gifts, and talents.

"Through expression of prayerful gratitude and thanksgiving, we show our dependence upon a higher source of wisdom and knowledge—God the Father and his Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (Robert D. Hales, "Gratitude for the Goodness of God," Ensign, May 1992, 63).


  1. can i just say how glad i am to not be in minnesota right now? sorry for you.

    LOVE the hairclips (esp. big felt flower one), je t'aime pillow (and link to that snow mum pillow) and gratitude quotes.

  2. I am so jealous of you right now! Where is my snow?!?!

  3. Sooo interesting that you post about gratitude. Something on my mind alot these days since Elder Bednar's last talk. He told a story about a woman that needed huge blessings but was told to only thank in her prayer and not ask for anything, and in doing that, she received the inspiration she needed. I tried the experiment and it worked for me too. I will never fail to give prayers of thanks, and sometimes ONLY thanks, again.

    Your pictures are so beautiful. I really need a new camera!!!