Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cereal Box Turkeys

Here is your Thanksgiving craft of the day. I saw this idea floating on the web, but I think it originated at Plum Pudding. Dig out your cereal boxes from the recycling bin and cut out circles of different sizes (I used the creative memories circle cutter). Paint a Popsicle stick. Take the largest circle and cut out notches for the feathers. Take a smaller circle and cut in half for the wings. Then, just hot glue everything together, add some googly eyes and you're done!


  1. A quick peek this morning at your blog - too cute, as usual!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! May your blessing be many.

    Love, Aunt Barb, Uncle John and Rocky (woof!)

  2. It's me again (kinda pesty, aren't I?)

    While I don't watch Martha Stewart very often, I did read somewhere on the web that Kristen Chenoweth is supposed to be on Martha's show next Friday.


    aunt barb

  3. Really? I'll have to watch the clip online. I just love her and she is always so funny in her interviews!